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Your one stop platform, that brings you all the content you need to have a fulfilling career. We hope to be your work buddy as you navigate through the changing times in the work environment.

The Ultimate 9 to 5 Guide

Nothing screams ‘oh no!’ like Mondays, especially for 9 to 5ers. As a professional, if you are running a business, trying to stay physically and mentally healthy, maintain excellent relationships with family and friends and still ace it at work, it may feel like you are trying to achieve the impossible in 7 short days every week. And Mondays do not fail to come in and interrupt your sweet weekend break, assuming you even get to rest on the weekends. So how do you survive the 9 to 5 grind and maintain your sanity amid all the pressure, deadlines and office politics? If you have ever wondered how to cope with your job, wonder no more!

  1. Do Not Miss Your Lunch Break: Trust us when we say that a full stomach is an important aspect of the self-care routine of a working professional! A lot of 9 to 5ers seem to regard their lunch breaks as an inconvenience and end up using it as a bonus work hour. It helps to take breaks from work to have lunch, take short walks or even step outside. Not only does this boost your mood, it also reduces stress and helps you return to work with fresh focus and perspective. Afterall, ‘he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day!’-Oliver Goldsmith.
  2. Know Who To Suck Up To: Some people wield more influence than others at work. Depending on the circumstance, sometimes you must stoop to conquer and know whose ego to massage per time. In the typical office space, you would agree that while it is important to do the work, it is also important to be visible. You know what they say about perception. Sometimes it appears more real than reality itself. This is why it is common to find a Mary or John who isn’t quite doing the work but appears to be doing it only when the boss is watching-the classic eye service move. So, you should know who commands the attention of the key decision makers in your team or department and how to relate with them, while you do the work. 
  3. Make The Right Friends: To survive the 9 to 5 grind and ease the office blues, you have to get down from your ‘corporate high horse’ and be ready to make friends with everyone. From the office security who can help you occasionally clean your car, the office janitor who knows the latest office gist to the office messenger who can help you get the best bargain from food vendors at lunch; you should make connections with those office staff that you may normally think are unimportant. Remember to apply just the right amount of friendliness so that your ‘friends’ do not get overfamiliar with you.
  4. Understand The Office Politics: Is there any office where there isn’t any office politics going on? Poll any office today and you would find that being good at your job may just be as important as understanding how to deal with office politics. It can all get tricky and sometimes messy being involved in office power dynamics but one sure-fire way on how to deal with office politics is to not take sides. Understand the dynamics at play and be observant enough to not be pulled into any form of office gossip.
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